Anne Knock

Focus Area

Anne’s research focuses on enabling the teacher to take full advantage of the opportunities of the innovative learning environment to provide deeper learning for anne knockstudents. Over the course of the project Anne will be looking at the existing evidence regarding how learning environments impact teacher mind frames and student deep learning. The research will involve gaining an overall picture, gathering data and presenting case studies across a wide variety of schools.


Anne has worked in education for most of her professional life, starting as a primary school teacher, as well as holding positions in the non-profit sector, including state executive officer of an independent school system. Since 2010 she has been Director at Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL), an activity of Northern Beaches Christian School, which has been a leader in innovative school design. In this role she consults with a wide variety of schools in the areas of rethinking education, learning space design and leadership.

She holds a Masters of Special Education from the University of Sydney, with particular interest in student behaviour and how teachers can provide the optimal conditions for students to learn.


Publications, Presentations and Memberships

  • Presentations: Anne regularly speaks at conferences in Australia and internationally on learning space design from an international perspective.
  • International Study Tours: Since 2011 Anne has organised and hosted study tours for educational leaders and design professionals to UK, Europe and Scandinavia and New Zealand.
  • Membership: Anne is actively involved in Learning Environments Australasia (A4LE) NSW Chapter and on the Australasian Board. She is also a board member of Halogen Foundation (developing young leaders).


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