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Our Learning Environments Applied Research (LEaRN) group, host of the ILETC project, is very pleased to say we have a new project ready for implementation in November of 2017.  We are inviting schools to express interest in participating.

The Plans to Pedagogy (P2P) project recognises that schools sometimes struggle to participate fully in the design of new facilities.  In addition, it recognises that schools must institute an innovative agenda of teaching and learning change to make the most of these ‘innovative learning environments’ once they are built.  P2P recognises that this takes time; no two schools are alike, and for successful transition from ‘old to new’ the learning must come from within, over a sustained time.  Finally, P2P recognises that the right expert advice, at the right time, significantly increases the likelihood of effective change.

P2P is designed to help schools develop internal learning environments capacity, and to use this expertise to transit successfully from traditional to more flexible learning environments. This may include the design, occupation, and inhabitation of new facilities, by teachers and students alike.  Or it may be assisting schools to re-design their teaching and learning to suit existing facilities.

The Plans to Pedagogy project (or P2P) is designed to use LEaRN’s extensive knowledge of learning environments to help schools build, over a sustained period, high-capacity ‘spatial learning’ teams.  P2P will use the knowledge we have acquired over many years working on projects such as ILETC, to partner schools in the design of customized, high-quality development projects.  These will address the particular learning environment need of each participating school.  LEaRN will then closely support the implementation of these programs over a three-year project, by teaming LEaRN experts with each school’s ‘spatial team’. Finally, it will assist schools to evaluate the impact of these spaces (and the practices within) on student schooling experiences and learning outcomes.

We are seeking schools to participate in this project.  It will be limited to a small group of schools from Australia and New Zealand.  It may include enrolment of one of your staff members in a post-graduate degree on this topic – LEaRN will assist in this, wherever possible.  A ‘cost recovery only’ budget will provide (1) a suite of 12 project workshops – half in Melbourne at our LEaRN facilities, and half in each participating school; (2) a close association with one or more LEaRN experts for the duration of the project; (3) links to LEaRN’s suite of events, and other projects, in cases where this will increase effectiveness of P2P.

If this interests you, please contact Joann Cattlin ( who will send you a project proposal.

If you would like to discuss the project with A/Prof. Wes Imms, he is currently on leave, but will be available after 10th October.

Associate Professor Wesley Imms, PhD      Learning Environments Applied Research , Level 3, street address, 234 Queensberry Street, The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia. T: +61 3 8344 8783 E:

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