Joann Cattlin recognised for her professional excellence!

Joann Cattlin, ILETCs Project Manager, has been awarded the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s 2017 Professional Staff Excellence Award.

The LEaRN research team identified two criteria in particular as the focus of their nomination – Creating connections and contribution to engagement; and Exceptional team work and team contribution.

LEaRN’s nomination read, in part,

“It is our wish that Ms Cattlin be given recognition for the truly outstanding service she has provided to our group since being employed as Project Manager on the $2M Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (ILETC) ARC Linkage project.  Such has been her commitment and influence, Ms Cattlin’s service has directly impacted the academic well-being and intellectual growth of the whole LEaRN team, and has had an influence on all projects currently being undertaken by the team.”

This award comes as no surprise to those who have worked closely with Joann since her employment in the ILETC team in January 2016.  Her dedication, skill and superb personal and organisational qualities have lifted ILETC well beyond what was considered possible.

Wesley Imms,

ILETC Lead Chief Investigator, on behalf of the whole LEaRN team.

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