Teachers invited to complete new survey

Dan Murphy, ILETC PhD Researcher, is conducting a survey of how teachers think about and approach their work, or their ‘mindframes’, to help us better understand the role of teachers in mediating the relationship between different learning environment types and how students engage with what they are taught.

We are seeking current teachers to participate in the survey, which will take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete.  The  questionnaire is available via a secure online link.

The concept of teacher mindframes has been developed by University of Melbourne Laureate Professor of Education and ILETC Chief Investigator, John Hattie. Following his landmark synthesis of 800 meta-analyses of education research, Professor Hattie identified 10 mindframes, or ways of thinking more likely to have positive impacts on student learning.

Subject to this validation study, the mindframes inventory will be used in upcoming ILETC research.   Analysis of the first ILETC survey suggests a positive relationship between more open, flexible classrooms, deeper student learning and the holding of Hattie’s teacher mindframes. This survey will allow us to delve deeper into how these variables interact and address our guiding research question: “Can altering teacher mindframes unlock the potential of innovative learning environments?”


Link url for sharing with currently serving teachers:https://melbourneuni.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0IiwUK883lULVvn

The survey is open until July 6.  Further information about the survey is available here. 

Reference: Technical Report 1/2017. Type and Use of Innovative Learning Environments in Australasian Schools – ILETC Survey. Wesley Imms, Marian Mahat, Terry Byers & Dan Murphy.




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