Ecophon Saint-Gobain


Saint-Gobain Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic products and systems.  Ecophon works with a range of government agencies, working environment organisations and researchers to improve the acoustic environment in offices, schools, healthcare facilities and other public spaces. The area of learning environments is a key priority for Ecophon in developing innovative solutions that optimise the acoustic comfort of both students and teachers.

ecophon classroom

Ecophon has business units in 14 countries and in another 30 countries worldwide, with approximately 750 employees. The head office is located in Hyllinge, just outside Helsingborg, Sweden. Ecophon is part of the global Saint-Gobain Group.

Ecophon have developed a range of information resources to inform design and refurbishment of schools:

  • Acoustic Solutions and Education Products website, including videos and downloadable documents.
  • Modern School Acoustics, 2006, an  interdisciplinary study investigating various kinds of teaching/learning styles and sound pressure levels in the classroom, and moreover, how improved room acoustic conditions affect sound levels together with teachers’ workload and fatigue. This publication is a complement to the book Don’t limit your senses; Sound and the Learning Environment, Saint-Gobain Ecophon, ISBN 91-974193-2-X published in 2002.
  • The Essex study – Optimized Classroom Acoustics for all – Report and Videos (see below)
  • ECO For Sustainable Design is a free online magazine, with an issue dedicated to education environments, see Eco Education 2013 and articles in 2010 & 2009
  • Acoustic Bulletin (Education) is a portal for news, research, events and knowledge sharing, it includes articles, videos, event posts and links.
  • Ecophon’s YouTube – Education playlist features videos demonstrating acoustic treatments, school case studies and research projects.

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