One journey, many pathways

2-4th October, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Studio 5, Melbourne Graduate School of Education.



In October 2019 Transitions was a 3 day event in Melbourne focusing on the journey schools and teachers make as they reimagine and redevelop their learning spaces. 

Transitions 19 began with a proposition – research is showing innovative learning environments (ILEs) are not a magic cure, but evidence is mounting that they constitute a powerful tool that – if used well – improves student educational experiences. We can now say schools (and teachers) navigate a transformative journey as they reimagine their learning spaces.

  • What is involved in making the journey from traditional to innovative learning environments?
  • What is the latest research telling us about how teachers can be supported on this journey?

The aim of the conference was to provide a forum for sharing and discussion of current research from across the world and to engage participants in providing their expert input to ongoing research by the ILETC project. The learning design for the conference reflected these dual aims by attempting to balance the delivery of information with opportunities for structured discussion, reflection and feedback.

Workshops involved a variety of hands on and discussion based activities.

The conference venue was Studio 5, the visual and performing arts education facility at Melbourne Graduate School of Education. The conference format was designed to enable participants to engage in a variety of learning modes and physical spaces. The plenary sessions were held in a flexible learning space configured ‘in the round’ with a variety of seating options, viewing options and informal organisation. Presentations were delivered in themed sessions which were followed by workshops that explored the issues raised in presentations through a variety of learning activities.

Full program is available here.

Presentation slides.

Transitions events have been held in Australia, North America and Europe by the ILETC project team in 2017 and 2018. These events have provided a forum for researchers from across a range of disciplines in education and design share their findings, engage in discussion with practitioners and inform the work of the ILETC project.