Successful transitions

Share your successes – tell us what has helped you and your students successfully transition into an innovative learning environment?

The project is collecting existing strategies and tools that are already in use to inform the development of the Teacher Transition Pathway. We would like to hear from teachers and principals about the strategies and tools which have helped their staff and students to make the change from traditional to innovative learning spaces.

We will be selecting from those submitted to include in the Teacher Transition Pathway either as a strategy/tool or as a case study or both. We will contact you regarding this before we showcase them in the pathway.

Anzac Park Primary School, NSW. Australia. Photo: NSW Department of Education.

The Teacher Transition Pathway is a resource consisting of a large range of strategies and tools that teachers can use to support the transition into innovative learning environments.

We define:

  • a strategy as an explicit concept, theory or practice that enhance teachers’ use of innovative learning environments, and
  • a tool as an identifiable activity or protocol that implements a strategy.

An example of a tool is available here and a short video that helps explain the Teacher Transition Pathway.