Australian Science and Mathematics School



The Australian Science and Mathematics School  (ASMS) is a purpose built government senior secondary school (Yr 10-12) located on the campus of Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. The school’s design features flexible and innovative learning spaces and pedagogy that embraces the school’s vision of Extraordinary Learning driven by curiosity and challenge, inspiring passion and confidence and uses learning design principles to guide approaches to teaching.

ASMS was founded in 2003 to provide leadership for reform and innovation in science and mathematics education through curriculum development, research, and professional learning services. Over the last 10 years, the school has supported many other schools to develop innovative approaches to mathematics and science education based on the approaches developed at ASMS. The school has a number of key successes, such as the development of an open learning environment, interdisciplinary learning programs, and pedagogy that enhances the success of students in STEM learning.


The school is active in researching and reviewing the impact of their teaching and programs, with outcomes presented and published.

The school also participates in external research projects extend and share their knowledge and practice: