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Australasian educators and their industry partners are going to explore how space enhances teaching

The University of Melbourne’s Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN) is partnering schools in NSW, Queensland, the ACT, Victoria and New Zealand to research how
teachers can utilise ‘innovative learning environments’ to improve their teaching skills.

The Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change project was awarded a four-year ARC Linkage Project grant to begin in February 2016. LEaRN is now nalising partnerships with the
broad range of industry, education leadership and school partners listed below.

What will ILE&TC do?

Over four years, the project will:
• Develop mechanisms to identify ‘teacher mindset’ characteristics;
• Develop strategies to assist teachers maximise the affordances offered to them by the spaces in which they teach;
• Conduct research on the effect this increased knowledge has on quality of teaching, students’ deep learning and learning outcomes.

Who are the partners?

Leading schools that join the application are the Anglican Church Grammar School in Brisbane, Woodleigh School in Victoria, and the Australian Science and Mathematics School in South Australia.

Education leadership groups are the Association for Learning Environments (Australasia), New Zealand Ministry of Education, the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, the Department of Education Training and Employment in Queensland, the ACT Education and Training Directorate, and the Department of Education in NSW.

Industry groups are Ecophon Acoustics Sweden, Marshall Day Acoustics Australia, Hayball Architects, Telstra Australia, the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, and the Council of Educational

Who will be invited to participate?

For the project‘s eldwork ILE&TC will select from the broadest possible range of public and private schools in city, rural and remote locations in Queensland, NSW, ACT, Victoria, and New Zealand.

Who is on the research team?

Six PhD students under the supervision of three Research Fellows will conduct the research. Each Partner Organisation will contribute to the project’s research design, supervision, and lend their
expertise to analysis and dissemination of findings. A highly skilled leadership team will include Professor John Hattie, Professor David Clarke, Professor Tom Kvan, Associate Professor Kenn Fisher, Associate Professor Clare Newton, Dr Ben Cleveland, and Dr Wesley Imms.


For further information please contact ILE&TCs Lead Chief Investigator, Dr Wesley Imms on, or phone +61 3 8344 8783.

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