Project update no.1 March 2016

The project initiation stage is almost complete, with finalisation of all partner agreements expected in the coming weeks.15139-illustration-of-a-calendar-pv

To date the project team have been working hard to establish key positions and project infrastructure.  Our achievements to date:


  • The project was awarded in July 2015. In the initial 6 months contracts between the University of Melbourne and all partner organisations were negotiated and drafted.
  •  Three Phds have so far been accepted to the project, with plans to identify and appoint 2 more.
  • A pilot project to develop a tool for teachers to evaluate how they adapted their teaching practices was conducted by 4 Masters students at the Parsons School of Design, at The New School in New York, under the guidance of A/Prof. Lisa Grocott.
  • Project manager, Joann Cattlin recruited and appointed with funding provided by The University of Melbourne.
  • Project office established at The University of Melbourne, collocated with Learning Environments Applied Research Network, in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.


  • Contracts with partner organisations amended and will shortly be circulated for final approval and signature.
  • Project management team and project manager initiate administrative processes to establish research positions, commence ethics applications, website development, literature review and drafting research protocol.
  • Anticipated project launch and initial meeting of project team with partner organisations in April/May 2016.

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