Open learning spaces and acoustics

Hyllilevangskolan. Image: Ecophon.

Acoustics in learning spaces is an important issue – one that is often the subject of heated debates on the value of flexible and open learning spaces in schools.

We are working with our project partners Ecophon Saint Gobain and Marshall Day to develop resources to support teachers and architects awareness of acoustics and assist them in developing new learning spaces.  Our partnership with Ecophon also provides us with valuable insights into practices and research in Europe.

In a new article published by Ecophon read about the new Hyllievång School in Malmo, Sweden and research by Bodil Bøjer, a PhD student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture (KADK) in Copenhagen, who is currently studying ILEs and how the physical environment can support learning.

“Teachers are so used to classrooms. You can’t just create new buildings or conversions with a completely new type of design and expect things to work automatically. A cultural change needs to gradually take place. The biggest challenge is having the courage to invest in the actual process of designing schools.” Bodil Bojer.

Bodil also presented at Transitions17 in London and her paper is published in the proceedings here.


Photo: Teddy Strandqvist

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