Happy new year – gearing up for a busy 2017

The ILETC team are back on board and planning for a busy year ahead.  The project has now been active for 6 months and achieved a great deal in this short time with our first data survey, teacher workshops and presentations at several key conferences.  We have also connected with 100s of teachers, principals, researchers and architects through our newsletter, twitter and website. In 2017 we aim to share early project findings to our growing network and connect with more teachers and principals to explore how learning spaces are influencing teaching in their schools.

On our to do list for the next few months is….

  • We are currently analyzing our survey and workshop data, with plans to publish summaries in the near future
  • Planning a workshop in Canberra on 22 March and QLD workshops in April
  • Calling for papers for the Transitions research symposium on 2 June
  • Planning international Transitions symposiums and Think Tanks meetings for September
  • Planning next stage of data collection and case studies.

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