Guest lectures

The project hosts guest lectures from time to time by visiting researchers and professionals.


28 November 2018, Unlocking learning spaces by Bodil Bojer & Rune Fjord, Royal Academy of Danish Fine Arts & Rune Fjord Studio. 

Bodil Bøjer is an Industrial PhD candidate, based in the Design Agency Rune Fjord Studio and enrolled at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Rune Fjord has worked professionally with art and design for almost 20 years in, among other things, Bosch & Fjord and now Rune Fjord Studio, Denmark.

It is often assumed that changes in teaching and learning will occur as a result of a changed spatial design, but changing space does not automatically change practice. For space to become a tool for change, it needs to be developed and activated in collaboration with the users – both when designing new learning spaces and after the design has been implemented. Based on both experience and scientific research, designer and artist Rune Fjord and PhD-student Bodil Bojer from the Danish design company Rune Fjord Studio will present their approach to learning space design and user participation during and after the design process. In their work, they explore co-design methods, physical design objects and aesthetic processes as participatory tools in an attempt to match pedagogical practices with spatial affordances. This is believed to be an ongoing process, because learning environments are not static designs – they keep evolving based on people, pedagogies and practices.

Previous events

23 May 2018, Future classrooms: developing technology-enhanced learning environments. Where does teacher training stand? by A/Prof. Neuza Pedro, University of Lisbon. Flyer.