Marshall Day Acoustics


Marshall Day Acoustics  was co-founded in 1981 by Christopher Day and Sir Harold Marshall in Auckland, New Zealand and has since grown with more than 80 professional staff now employed throughout New Zealand, Australia, China, Hong Kong and France. The company began as a local consultancy and has now evolved into one of the largest acoustic engineering firms worldwide, working on major projects in over 15 countries.

Their expertise spans a broad range and scale of acoustic challenges from intricate room acoustics design of performance and learning spaces through building acoustics design of large scale civic and commercial developments.

Marshall Day supports research in acoustics in learning environments and provides a range of reports and case studies on their website:

Projects involving learning spaces:

  • Learning and Teaching Building, Monash University, due to complete 2017. The AUD $180 m building will showcase and reinforce Monash University’s commitment to innovative teaching and learning practises. The layout of the new facility has been designed to reflect recent pedagogical changes, which have seen unstructured or informal learning spaces becoming increasingly important.
  • City of Perth Library | Lead Acoustic Designer | 2011—2016 Marshall Day has recently completed the acoustic design of a circular library building in Perth. The space includes children’s retreat area, study areas and meeting rooms. The project included a challenging circular shape which required clever design solutions to avoid focused sound back to key listener areas.
  • South Melbourne Primary School | Lead Acoustic Designer | 2015-Present New vertical school in heart of South Melbourne with outdoor teaching areas, adjacent to Westgate Freeway and Light Rail line. Marshall Day has been providing design input to the acoustic aspects of the project, including noise ingress, outdoor learning spaces, sound insulation and acoustic finishes.
  • RMIT | Lead Acoustic Designer | 2014—Present In collaboration with John Wardle Architects, Marshall Day is delivering a series of complex refurbishment and new build buildings as part of the RMIT consolidation project. Marshall Day undertook comprehensive site surveys and user group interaction to inform the design, and has worked closely with John Wardle to deliver the projects against a very tight timeframe.
  • Victoria University Learning Commons & Exercise Science Precinct | Lead Acoustic Designer | 2007—2010
    Another successful project done in conjunction with John Wardle Architects; Marshall Day were involved in all acoustic aspects of the design, including assessment of floor vibration associated with sports equipment, and isolation of sensitive laboratory equipment.
  • University of Melbourne BIO21 | Acoustician | 2007—2009
    Marshall Day became involved in the first stage of Bio21 as an independent reviewer to resolve environmental noise issues at the site. Responsibility was then assigned to Marshall Day to assist in negotiating with the University staff and residents and resolving noise control treatment to remedy noise issues at the site. Marshall Day is now working on the new Stage 2 building at the site.
  • Melbourne Girls Grammar School |Lead Acoustic Designer| 2013—Ongoing
    New sports precinct for MGGS, including indoor pool and Team Zone. Site is located in close proximity to noise sensitive premises, and required detailed acoustic assessment and innovative design to enable natural ventilation and tight noise control. The project is due to be complete in 2017.
  • Carey Baptist Grammar School, Melbourne | Lead Acoustic Designer | 2007—2010
    Marshall Day was responsible for the acoustic and theatre design for the new Music centre at CBGS. Amanda was the lead acoustic designer, responsible for both the acoustic design and coordination of the acoustic and theatre design services. The project was a great success, and Marshall Day is now assisting with the design of the new Innovation and Learning Centre at the school.
  • University of South Australia, City West Campus | Acoustician | 2000
    10,000m2, 3 storey facility incorporating lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, library, cafeteria and information technology centre for 3000 students.