Survey 2 – Teacher Transition Survey

The Teacher Transition Survey was released in Australia on 29th April and 9th May in New Zealand and was open until 22nd August 2019. The aim of the survey is to understand teachers’ perspectives on their transition from traditional classroom spaces into more innovative learning environments. The questions ask about the types of spaces teachers’ have worked in, the impact of physical spaces on their teaching and what is important in supporting teachers transitioning from traditional to more innovative spaces.

The survey is one of several sources of data in Phase 2 (2017- late 2019) which involves the development, trial and refinement of strategies to assist teachers in adapting their teaching to different types of ILEs.  The survey will help us better understand what spaces teachers are working in, how it is influencing their approach to teaching and what is needed to help support teachers to effectively use learning spaces in schools to affect student learning. The online survey will take approximately 8 minutes.

Plain language information about the survey

Approval to conduct research

This project has received approval for research activities in schools from:

  • The University of Melbourne Humanities and Applied Sciences Human Ethics Sub-Committee
  • Australian Capital Territory Department of Education and Training
  • Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
  • New South Wales Department of Education
  • Queensland Department of Education and Training

Approval is pending from Ministry of Education for release in New Zealand.

Australian Science and Mathematics School, South Australia.