Dion Tuckwell

Dion brings a transdisciplinary approach to the project through the field of design research. His role on the project builds on his background as a designer and educator, with t

he intention of expanding the role of design research through a transdisciplinary approach. This will engage the role of design beyond conventional disciplinary boundaries, engaging a ‘designerly’ approach to contribute to the overarching aims of teacher change.

This short video provides an overview of the project in October 2019.


Dion’s research interests derive from a transdisciplinary reappraisal of design practice. His research aims to study the role and agency of design as it veers with the kinds of complex systemic problems faced by society. As traditional disciplinary boundaries dissolve, design can aid the facilitation of generative conversations by a diverse array of stakeholders, re-positioning the expertise of the designer.  Design is expertly placed to intervene in conversations that concern the transformation of existing circumstances into preferred ones, and it is the potential of this intervention that has primed Dion’s research interests.


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