Pamela Yang

Focus Area
Pamela’s research focuses on understanding teachers’ mind frames and the choices they make in blended learning environments. The goal will be to promote better awareness and develop strategies while navigating between the physical and the virtual, and to design their classroom practices to fully realise the potential of blended learning spaces – a more personalised education in secondary classrooms.

Her role within the project will be to map out teachers’ experiences over various models of blended learning and with different levels of technology integration to examine affordances of innovative learning environments in impacting student deep learning.

Pamela’s interest in technology innovation in education first developed when she was a secondary school teacher in Taiwan. She pursued her interest at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in the US and gained a more holistic view of when educational policies and leadership come into play. Pamela is currently a recipient of Melbourne Research Scholarship and her interest is in blended learning.

Healy, S., Grant, G., Villafranca, E., & Yang, P. (2015). A theoretical orientation for evaluating the geographies of new generation learning environments. Paper presented at the Second Annual International Learning Environments Research Higher Degree Symposium, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, 05 July (pp. 13-20). Victoria, Australia: The Learning Environments Applied Research Network.