Transitions Melbourne videos

Welcome by Prof. Julie Willis, Dean of Architecture, Building and Planning.

Keynote by Mary Featherson.

Session 1: Inhabiting Design. Interlocutor: Richard Leonard, Hayball. Presenters: Dr. Anna Peterson, Sarah Healy and Carol Morrison, Peter Walker  & r. Donna Wheatley and Thomas Hansen.

Session 2 : Teacher Practices. Interlocutor: A/Prof. Craig Deed, La Trobe University. Presenters: Dr. Emily Nelson, Dr. Janet Buchan & Vicky Leighton.

Session 3: Change and Risk. Interlocutor: Steven Cook, Albert Park College.  Presenters:  Chris Bradbeer, Tamara Jones & Suzanne Trask.

Session 4: Measuring Impact. Interlocutor 4: Prof. John Hattie, University of Melbourne. Presenters: Dr. Terry Byers, Ji Yu & Dr. Scott Alterator.

Closing remarks, Professor Tom Kvan.