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ILETC Project Manager, Joann Cattlin

In June 2019 Joann undertook a study tour funded by a Universitas 21/University of Melbourne Professional Staff Scholarship to visit universities in Canada and the USA to find out how Canadian & US universities engage with their communities, industry and government through research?


My interest in knowledge mobilization has developed through my experience in managing research projects which involved a high degree engagement with community and industry stakeholders. The relationships and opportunities generated by the engagement not only enhanced the research outcomes, but also created communities of practice and generated significant impact.

My current role as project manager on the ILETC project has been to develop relationships so that the two way flow of information happens between our team and the partners. There has also been purposeful engagement with the growing community of teachers, architects, policy makers, researchers and students interested in the project. This engagement informs our research, builds a shared understanding, provides a ready forum for discussion of our findings and disseminates new knowledge.

I am interested in connecting with researchers and professional staff involved in knowledge mobilization. I would like to thank A/Prof. Wes Imms, the ILETC team, The University of Melbourne and Universitas 21 for supporting me and their commitment to engaged research.

Joann Cattlin Twitter @jocattlin

“Knowledge mobilization helps make research useful to society by supporting engaged scholarship from inception to impact.” Research Impact Canada.