Project publications

The project will produce a range of publications to share information about project activities and findings.

  • This foldout brochure provides an overview of the project, detailing research goals, planned activities, project team profile androcket how to get involved.  Available in hardcopy, printable pdf and online. To request a hardcopy please email the project manager.
  • Online article, Rearranging the way we learn, Pursuit, Oct 2016, The University of Melbourne.
  • Online article, Changing the Shape of Teaching, Pursuit August 2016, the University of Melbourne.

Report on Project Pilot study

  • McEntee, K, Brandalise, I., Goncalves, R.D, Riendeau, S., Thao, K. & Grocott, L. (2016) Archipelago of possibilities: Priming teachers to reflect on intrinsic motivations for change. Pilot project report. ILETC Project: The University of Melbourne. Available in printable pdf.archipelago