Project publications

The project will produce a range of publications to share information about project activities and findings.

Project Reports

  • Archipelago of possibilities: Priming teachers to reflect on intrinsic motivations for change. Pilot project report. ILETC Project: The University of Melbourne. Available in printable pdf. by McEntee, K, Brandalise, I., Goncalves, R.D, Riendeau, S., Thao, K. & Grocott, L. (2016) archipelago
  • Brochure provides an overview of the project, detailing research goals, planned activities, project team profile and how to get involved.  Available in hardcopy, printable pdf and online. To request a hardcopy please email the project manager.
  • Fact sheet 1 outlines the results of a Sydney workshop where participants visualized the physical and experiential elements of the learning spaces they are in. PDF available here.
  • University of Melbourne publications
    • Online article, Rearranging the way we learn, Pursuit, Oct 2016, The University of Melbourne.
    • Online article, Changing the Shape of Teaching, Pursuit August 2016, the University of Melbourne.
    • Annual Review 2017, Melbourne Graduate School of Education,