TRANSITIONS Abstract Submission


The overarching theme for these symposia is TRANSITIONS: Inhabiting innovative learning environments. Abstracts are expected to address this theme in an informed manner.

Sub themes may include (but are not limited to):

  • What systemic issues impact the successful design and use of ILEs?
  • How well are teachers transiting between ‘traditional’ classrooms and ILEs?
  • Are ILEs facilitating any improvement in teaching practices?
  • What evidence exists that these spaces are improving student experiences and learning?
  • What is needed to help teachers better utilise space as one of their pedagogic tools?


Abstracts due date

TRANSITIONS Australasia              6 March, 2017

TRANSITIONS Europe                     19th April, 2017

TRANSITIONS USA                          19th April, 2017


Notification of selection

TRANSITIONS Australasia              3rd April May, 2017

TRANSITIONS Europe                     15th May July, 2017

TRANSITIONS USA                          15th May, 2017