Transitions18 Phoenix Presentations

You can access the presentation slides for most of the speakers and videos of the sessions.  Speakers are listed below in program order.

Day 1

Keynote, Philip Idle, Do you see what I see? Slides

Session 1A: Research to inform the early stages of designing and building an ILE

  • Dina Sorensen & Caroline Lobo, Imagining Learning Environment Design through Research in Practice.
  • Nicholas Salmon & Erin O’Reilly, Lessons from a seasoned furniture whisperer. Slides
  • Dr Marian Mahat,Co-creating learning spaces in higher education.Slides

Session 2A: Research informing implementation of an ILE

  • Andrew Kim & Aileen Strickland, Ecosystem of educator experience + evolution.
  • Dr Anna Peterson, Inhabiting educational design: leveraging teachers’ lived-experience. Slides
  • Michael Stewart, Reimagining educator preparation from the community to the classroom.
  • Taryn Kinney, Applying organisation change model to educational transition.
  • Chris Bradbeer, Enacting teacher collaboration in Innovative Learning Environments: Reifying pedagogical ‘ownership’. Slides

Session 2B: Research informing implementation of an ILE

  • A/Prof. Wesley Imms & Dr. Marian Mahat, Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change: Shifting teacher practices. Slides
  • A/Prof. Wesley Imms, Plans to pedagogy: Developing teachers’ spatial competencies. Slides

Session three: Workshop activity and discussion

  • A/Prof. Wesley Imms, Dr. Marian Mahat & Chris Bradbeer, An opportunity for in-depth discussion and exploration of the issues raised in Day 1.

Day 2

Session 4A: Research informing implementation of an ILE

  • A/Prof. Jill Castek, Designing studio-based learning environments that promote equity and inclusion. Slides
  • Dr. Mira Gambhir, Empowering girls through pedagogy and space design.

Session 5: School tour and presentation. Slides

Session 6: Research informing consolidation, inhabitation and evaluation of ILEs

  • Dr. Lennie Scott Webber & Jim French, Student engagement index research for grades 9-12: Third pilot in a series.
  • Prof. Gary Natriello, Early lessons from a learning space designed to support ambitious learning, teaching and research. Slides
  • Hui Soo Chae, Real time location tracking in innovative learning spaces. Slides
  • Mario Chiasson, Learning space contributing to the process of computational thinking.