Venue information in Copenhagen

Transitions 18 in Copenhagen, Denmark will be held at University College Carlsberg (UCC), at Humletorvet 3, 1799 Copenhagen V, Denmark. Map of Carlsberg Campus

Public transport: Carlsberg station is located extremely close to UCC, and from the main entrance to the platform it will probably take 2-3 minutes to walk. From the station you can take a train to Copenhagen Central Station (Hovedbanegården) and that trip takes approximately 4 minutes. You can read more about the transportation options on the public transport website.


University College UCC, Copenhagen was established in 2008 following a merger between a number of higher education institutions with a long history in the Danish educational sector. Today, UCC is one of the main providers of bachelor degrees in Teacher Education and Social Education in Denmark, with more than 9,000 full-time students enrolled in these fields alone and an additional 6,000 part-time students studying for a postgraduate or diploma degree. The education and research activities of UCC are housed in three campuses. The smaller campuses are located in Hillerød (just north of Copenhagen) and in Bornholm, while the majority of activities are located at the Carlsberg Campus, which is centrally located in Copenhagen.

UCC Campus Carlsberg

The UCC campus is centrally located approximately 3 km west of Copenhagen city centre, which is approximately 20 – 30 minutes walking distance from central Copenhagen and 5 – 10 minutes by public transport (bus or train). With state of the art auditoriums and facilities for smaller workshops and digital solutions, the campus provides excellent facilities. UCC Campus Carlsberg consists of two seven-storey buildings connected by roofed bridges. Conference rooms and lecture halls are distributed throughout the two buildings. All rooms are, thus, within a short walking distance, and all conference activities will take place in a limited area ensuring a dynamic atmosphere and easy access for participants.

Carlsberg City District

As the name reflects, the campus is located in Carlsberg City District at the historic site of the Danish brewing company, Carlsberg. With a unique combination of listed historical buildings and modern architecture, the area today brings together Danish industrial history and modern city life. The many buildings, which were formerly used for beer production and spaces in the Carlsberg City District are today used for a wide variety of cultural events. The area has become a popular district in Copenhagen where you can experience city life at its most vibrant and surprising. Located here, UCC Campus Carlsberg is surrounded by a wide range of cosy cafes, gourmet restaurants, shops, music venues and parks. In short there is plenty to do and to see in the area – on any budget.