Transitions North America

Steelcase Education Centre, Grand Rapids, Michigan on 14th Sept 2017

The Australian research group, the Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN), at the University of Melbourne, have been running a successful Graduate

Research Symposium annually for the last 4 years. The event recognises that graduate researchers bring a wealth of practical experience and new thinking to issues such as this.


This year the ILETC project organised 2 international symposia, based on the successful Australian format, with the support of our project partners Ecophon Saint-Gobain in Europe and Steelcase in the USA. We also welcome DLR group as partner sponsors of  the Transitions North America event.

The program included 2 keynote addresses by Dr Pam Moran (Superintendant, Albermarle County, Virginia) and Dr Julie Marshall (Saluda Trail Middle School, Sth Carolina) and 11 papers by emerging researchers in the field of learning environments exploring:

  • How well are teachers making this transition?
  • Are these spaces facilitating any improvement in teaching practices?
  • What evidence exists that these spaces are improving student experiences and learning?
  • What is needed to help teachers better utilise space as one of their pedagogic tools?

A full proceedings of the event featuring full papers will be available early next year.

A selection of the presentations is available below:

Information for Presenters