ILETC Spatial Transition Pathway

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Welcome to the ILETC Spatial Transition Pathway online resource (Beta)


Spatial Typologies Animation

The Spatial Transition Pathway provides a framework for the strategies and tools which support teachers to make the journey of change into innovative learning environments. The Spatial Transition Pathway constitutes of fourteen transition themes temporally organised through the journey of transition (Early, Implementation, Consolidation). There is a common pathway that teachers follow as they transition into an innovative learning environment, but this does not suggest the existence of an assured formula for successful transition. The fluid lines within the pathway represents more accurately the actual experiences of schools and teachers who transit into innovative learning environments.  Each starts at a different point and moves in a unique direction.  Each has a unique set of needs and purposes.  While the journey can be seen to be reasonably common, each school addresses unique spatial needs and each teacher implements often unique pedagogies to meet those needs.

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