Transitions18 Melbourne presentations

You can access the presentation slides for most of the speakers and videos of the sessions.  Speakers are listed below in program order.

Videos of all sessions are available here.

Keynote, Dr Julia Atkin, Challenging transitions: reflections on 30 plus years of learning deeply with educators and architectsslides

Session One: Collaboration  

  • Dr Joanne Blannin, Open-plan learning environments and teachers’ digital technology use. Slides
  • Dion Tuckwell, How might design enable practitioners transitioning from traditional classrooms to ILEs? Slides
  • Anne Knock, Empowering teaching teams: An essential factor in the success of innovative learning environments. Slides

Session Two: Developing Spatial Competencies 

  • Caroline Morrison, Ellie’s story: teacher-becoming with the ILE.
  • Vicky Leighton, Teaching space: developing a conceptual model for teachers’ environmental imagination and spatial competancies. Slides
  • Dr. Vanessa Miller, Teachers transitioning to innovative learning environments through participatory action research. Slides

Session Three: Using spaces  

  • A/Prof. Wes Imms & Dr. Marian Mahat, ILETC Project Update
  • Ethel Villafranca, Beyond these museum walls: educators as curators of learning. Slides
  • Sarah Healy, Affect,  pedagogy and space: lines of promise and threat. Contact Sarah.
  • Ana Sala-Oviedo, Evaluation, teacher practice and the educational space planner.

Session Four: Leading change  

  • Mark Osborne, Change leadership and the transition to innovative learning environments. Slides.
  • Claire Tubman, Academics, emotions and innovation in an ever-evolving change environment. Slides.
  • Raechel French, Shifts in teacher practice through the use of enabling contraints. Slides.