Focus groups – sharing stories of success

In the coming months the project will be running a series of focus groups in Australia and New Zealand to learn from the experiences of teachers who have moved from teaching in a traditional classroom to an innovative learning space*.

The focus groups will involve teachers participating in a design thinking activity, group discussion and reflection.  Teachers’ will also hear about the findings of the ILETC project and will receive a copy of a workshop activity to take back to their schools.

Registrations are now open for focus groups in Melbourne (Frankston) 25 November, Adelaide and Brisbane on Tuesday 3rd December. Further details and links to registration are here.

Further focus groups are planned for Melbourne, Sydney and a number of locations in New Zealand.

*We define an innovative learning space as being those physical educational facilities designed to facilitate the widest array of flexibility in teaching, learning, and social educational activity. 

Stories of success focus groups

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