Making space: What role might design play in reframing teacher practice in the face of innovative ‘disruption’?

We’re very excited to announce that research outcomes of ILETC PhD researchers, Fiona Young and Dion Tuckwell, are being showcased at this years’ NGV Melbourne Design Week. Fiona and Dion will be holding a panel discussion, moderated by Richard Leonard, Director at Hayball Architects, that looks at their recent research work at Domremy College in Sydney. Vivienne Awad, Principal at Domremy will be attending this unique opportunity to hear how ‘participation’ works in research that is led by a collaborative design process and involves the agency of teacher practice. To this end, the panel discussion will engage both researchers and participants in a collaborative investigation into teacher agency, practice beliefs, and spatial literacy.

The panel will focus on the role of prototyping both space and practice. In this study, prototypes have made possible and more tangible the research and practice ideation that accompanies new innovations. We consider how this approach may enable teachers to experience and move through their transition into innovative learning environments in ways that might amplify teacher agency and sharpen insights into burgeoning practices.

Do you want to know more? Please join us for an interactive discussion to find out more about what Fiona and Dion have been up to, and how it has been received by teachers transitioning into innovative learning spaces.

Dion Tuckwell, WonderLab, Monash University
Fiona Young, Studio Director, Hayball Sydney
Richard Leonard, Director, Hayball
Vivienne Awad, Principal, Domremy College Sydney

Venue: ‘No Vacancy’ Gallery, Melbourne QV Building

Time: Thursday 19th March, 6 pm

Bookings via Eventbrite


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