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For teachers new learning spaces present both opportunities and challenges because they require new ways of teaching, interacting and organisation. Are teachers using these new spaces to their full potential?…This short video introduces our project and the key questions we will be investigating.

Our project will work closely with teachers to identify the best ways to unlock the potential of new learning spaces. We will do this through a series of workshops, surveys, interviews, focus groups and case studies.  Our first survey will be conducted in Oct/November 2016 in New Zealand, ACT, NSW, QLD, the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta and our partner schools Woodleigh School, Australian Science and Mathematics School and Anglican Church Grammar School.

This video was produced by the University of Melbourne Learning Environments team and filmed at our partner, Woodleigh School in Frankston.

Image credits available here.

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  1. Taylor Haun says:

    this is beautiful and inspiring!!! so glad this is happening! keep it up 🙂

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