What’s working? Research symposium @UniMelb 3rd June, 2016

Audience Registration is now open for What’s Working? Informing education theory, design and practice through learning environment evaluation.

Now into its third year, the International LEaRN Graduate Research Symposium was established to showcase the best of contemporary graduate research in learning environment evaluation.

Hosted by the Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments (E21LE) ARC research project and the University of Melbourne’s Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN), the forum is breaking new ground in conceptualising how new generation learning environments can be evaluated for their effectiveness. This year, the Symposium explores the theme ‘What’s working? Informing educational theory, design and practice through learning environment evaluation’.More information and registration here.

What will it cover? ‘What’s Working?’ will present those instances where innovative school designs are proving to be effective, and will critique or explore the evaluation strategies that provide translational evidence of that success. Contributors to this symposium will address the simple question; ‘What is working in learning environment design and occupation, and how does this success inform future best practices? GA002181

Structured as an interactive day of presentations and knowledge exchange, the symposium will explore:
• The nature of learning environment evaluation, its approaches and purposes.
• How spaces are conceptualised and designed to address the needs of future learners;
• How space can inform pedagogy, and vice versa;
• How spaces ‘work’ in terms of their technical or physical performance;
• Evidence-based facility design;
• Data collection – informing how new learning spaces are occupied and inhabited over the long term;
• How evaluation informs function, and vice versa;

Venue: Singapore Theatre, Melbourne School of Design, the University of Melbourne, Friday June 3rd 2016.

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