New workshop for teachers – Canberra 22 March

Announcing our next workshop for teachers – Canberra, Wednesday 22 March 4-6pm at Charles Weston Primary School. This workshop will focus on the teachers’ experiences while transitioning to an innovative learning environment. To benefit from the workshop, teachers will need some experience of teaching in any non-traditional learning space that provides some flexibility in teaching approaches.  This workshop will help participants reflect upon their journey and learn from the experiences of others. The workshop facilitators will collect participants comments and photograph activities. Further information is available here.

The workshop is free. REGISTER HERE.

The project is holding a series of workshops in Australia and New Zealand to find out what teachers think about innovative learning environments – what works and what doesn’t?  Workshops  provide teachers with an opportunity to learn more about the project and assist the project in gaining teachers’ perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for the use of innovative learning environments in schools.

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